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Female Muscle Elegance with Testo Surge

Female Muscle

Female Muscle Elegance with Testo Surge. For women athletes serious about building stronger muscles, you need to boost the levels of free testosterone that are in your body via Testo Surge. The less testosterone that is changed into estrogen, the more that is available for you to use. By doing this, there is more testosterone available in your body to do what you want it to do – form larger, firmer and stronger muscle tissue.

Why you want testosterone while working out

Testosterone is an important component to your workout because it is the main hormone responsible for building muscles. The more testosterone that you have available in your blood stream, the bigger your muscles can be, and the less body fat you will have. You can see this in the natural difference between men and women – men have higher levels of testosterone and are therefore prone to certain characteristics like deeper voices, facial hair, large muscles, and lower body fat. If a woman were to take steroids or testosterone, she too would start to develop some of these characteristics.

Supplements are safer than illegal drugs

Illegal drug use can be a tempting way to boost testosterone, but the health implications generally outweigh the benefits that come along with it. Instead, it makes more sense to gently boost your testosterone through legal and natural supplementation, such as Testo Surge, coupled with a proper diet and exercise program. Since your body does the work of creating the testosterone, you do not have to worry about hitting the dangerous levels that cause health problems. So why not take the natural approach?

The danger of steroids

Steroid users will see certain risks when they take illegal steroids. These risks include:

– Increased liver function

– Lowered natural testosterone

– Higher cholesterol

– Higher blood pressure

– Changes in thyroid

– Headaches

– Nose bleeds

– Cramps

– Development of breast tissue in men

– Insensitivity to insulin

– Thinning hair

– Enlarged prostate

– Aggressiveness

– Stunted growth in teens

– Accelerated tumor growth

However, if you boost your testosterone naturally using a supplement like Testo Surge, your body acts like a natural regulator, and you do not have to worry about these risks.

Smaller, but still dramatic results

It is important to remember that when taking natural forms of testosterone boosters, you will most likely not see the inhuman shape and muscle size that those who take steroids will. However, with the proper workout and exercise routine combined with the right supplements like Testo Surge, you can see dramatic results in increased muscle mass and decreased fat. Plus, in the long run, you will be much healthier.

What’s in Testo Surge?

Testo Surge contains four powerful ingredients designed for ultimate power. Here is a look at what they can do for you:

Chrysin 99.6% – Chrysin is an isoflavone that comes from the Passiflora coerulea plant. Studies have shown that by using this isoflavone, the blood serum levels of testosterone increased in patients. This is because the amount of estrogen in the body signals the amount of testosterone that is to be produced. Chrysin lowers estrogen levels, which increases the body’s production of testosterone. It also helps prevent testosterone from being turned into estrogen. Bodybuilders and other athletes can benefit from having higher testosterone levels naturally. Chrysin works in the body to stop testosterone from being aromatized and does not contribute to hair loss and some of the other affects that taking straight testosterone can cause.

Diindolyl Methane (DIM) – Diindolyl methane is often abbreviated DIM. It is found in certain vegetables after the plant has been crushed or chewed, and is used in the creation of glucosinolates. What this does is improve the metabolism of estrogen, increasing the levels of 2-hydrosyestrogen and decreasing the levels of 16-hydroxyestrogen. This helps increase the levels of testosterone and promote the loss of fat as well. The increase of estrogen is one of the main problems of aging. By taking Testo Surge and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you will have a younger balance of testosterone and estrogen and all of the benefits that goes along with it.

Eurycoma Longfolia Jack – This ingredient is a bitter tasting herb that grows in Malaysia and Asia. The extract is taken from the roots and then added to supplements in a powdered form. Scientific studies have shown that Eurycoma Longfolia Jack can help improve sexual function and stamina because it stimulates the production of testosterone. It also releases the levels of inactive testosterone in the body. Those who take Eurycoma Longfolia Jack report having improved mental focus, stronger immune systems, and a reduction in body fat. It is useful for athletes who want to improve their performance and muscle tone and strength.

Gamma Oryzanol – This ingredient comes from barley, corn, and rice and is a mixture of the plant sterols and ferulic acid esters. Most of the gamma oryzanol used in supplements comes from Japan. It works by stimulating endorphin release, the hormones that are responsible for elevating mood. It also is an antioxidant thought to be ten times stronger than vitamin E. It is popular with body builders and athletes because it has been shown to increase strength and muscle gain, while reducing body fat and recovery time. This is thought to be because gamma oryzanol helps to increase testosterone levels. Taking it can reduce thyroid stimulating hormone and it should not be taken by pregnant and nursing women.

What Testo Surge means for you

All of these potent ingredients prompt Testo Surge to be a powerful supplement designed to inhibit aromastase and provide an anti-catabolic and anti-proteoolytic effect on muscle cells.

Who Testo Surge is meant for

Testo Surge is a powerful testosterone boosting supplement that is designed for women who wants to take place in an intense weight and exercise training program.

Size and dosing information

Testo Surge is sold in a 90 capsule bottle, and the amount that you take on any given day will determine how long the bottle will last you. On training days, you should take 3 capsules an hour before you begin your workout. On non-training days, you should take 3 capsules in the morning and another 3 capsules in the afternoon.

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